1. kellyinigomontoya:

    sexuality is literally the most fluid thing ever and i have no idea what to think anymore the only thing i know is that hot people are hot 

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    chloe I

    © lisa beggs

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  4. narwhal-noir:

    I took my girlfriend to an improv show the other night and during intermission we were passionately arguing over whether half a 5 Hour Energy shot would give you 2.5 hours of energy or 5 hours of half-assed energy so we turned around to ask the opinions of the three people behind us and one of them said “Are all your arguments like this because we heard you in the lobby earlier fighting over the right way to pronounce ‘egg’?”

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  5. bigrnac:

    “everyone has their off days” I tell myself 15 days in a row

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    Fun fact: the human body contains enough bones to make an entire skeleton.

    Also the equator is long enough that it’ll wrap around the world exactly once.

    Follow for more fun science facts.

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  8. How do people end up in relationship after relationship after relationship and I can’t find a single person to even find me remotely interesting for a solid ten seconds? 

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  9. "…And please remember that you were beautiful before he told you that you were."
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    you are the dancing queen
    young and sweet
    only over teen

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  11. larrycoincidences:

    do you ever have a plan for the day and suddenly it’s 4pm and you’ve achieved literally nothing 

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  12. jaclcfrost:

    i forget people i admire follow me and then when i realize it it’s just


    there you are

    seeing me embarrass myself

    on like a daily basis

    there you are

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